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Louise K. Shaw

WILDFITTER since 2020

At the start of last year, I decided to get into shape for my 50th BD in April as I’d realised I’d put on so much weight. I got someway there but struggled with the weight after my birthday. I joined a program for 90 days that focused on controlling what you ate, weighing out all your food and doing weight training sessions six days a week. I only stuck with it for 45 days. Although I released some weight and I toned up, once I stopped it all came back on. By the time December came, I was in a worse condition than where I was at the start of the year. I decided this year that enough was enough; I had to get my health back. Even though I walk for nearly 3 hours a day with my boisterous Vizsla, I was out of breath walking up the stairs; I was suffering from insomnia; my energy was rock bottom; my nails were dreadful, and my hair was thinning. And to top it all, I felt old.

When I joined WILDFIT, I was only hoping for my weight going down and my general health to improve, and I was looking forward to learning the psychology of our eating habits. Then about week three, I had an emotional breakthrough when my Food Devil and Food Angel were having a heated debate about having some chocolate biscuits. I hadn’t realised how much my eating habits had changed to subconsciously be close to my late father, who had only passed away three years ago. I hadn’t made the connection that all my weight gain had started after his passing. I also hadn’t made the connection that my eating habits had changed to feel some comfort for the enormous loss I felt when he died. I also uncovered my subconscious need to punish myself through not taking care of myself (bad food for a bad girl) because of the guilt I felt for not being able to help him more. After clearing those beliefs and their associated energy and making peace with how my grief was manifesting, I was able to release those disruptive patterns and seek love and connection from elsewhere.

WILDFIT has given me so much.

It has given me a healthy relationship with food and my body that I’ve never had before, and I now feel in control of what I choose to put in my body.

I jump out of bed with energy now, I’ve started running again, my hair is growing thicker and so are my nails and my focus has improved.

It’s also enabled closure to my grieving process so that I can move on with my life in a healthy way, and remember my Dad with love. 

I hadn’t realised how much I’d achieved until I did the final measurements. The cms off blew me away!

Weight released: 8.7Kg – only 3Kg away from my goal.

Cms released: 56.5

Thank you WILDFIT Coaches and Eric for helping me to change my life.

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