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Maria Garcia

WILDFITTER since 2020

Since I joined WILDFIT to learn and become healthier, and not for losing weight, I wasn’t going to post a “success story.” I figured it would be pretty unexciting after seeing all the beautiful transformations. And then it dawned on me, here I go repeating the same BS pattern AGAIN. Always diminishing my successes with the “it wasn’t a big deal” mentality and therefore myself in essence. So here I am, interrupting this damn pattern once and for all!

Most of the course, I was actually pretty freaking annoyed because I just kept dropping weight, when I was already thin to begin with. I posted about it and also asked the coaches more than once. And the answers I got seemed so nonchalant to me that I would get even more frustrated. Hence the no pictures.

Until finally one day the annoyance and worry just vanished into thin air. Aashwini Sharma I think noticed in the way I replied to something he posted… Anyway, just like that it became, “whatever, I can just put some weight on later.”

And the magic happened:

  • My paper thin fingernails became hard (now the hardness varies, which makes me think I still have healing to do)
  • My toenail fungus, gone
  • My period is like it was in my 20s, longer and heavier (I’m 40)
  • Speaking of my age, I had this pain in my lower back. And although I didn’t subscribe to the idea at first, maybe it was true after all that things start falling apart at 40?! Anyway, who knows how long it took me to notice. But all of a sudden one day I thought “Wait a minute, my back doesn’t hurt at all anymore!
  • A lot of my white hair became dark again
  • My hair on my head grows like weeds. Meanwhile other unwanted hair growth is much less
  • I swear I have less lines, my skin is more firm and plumpy
  • I have an overall more youthful appearance
  • My facewash used to leave my face red after using it. Fine, some kind of allergy – except I was using Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap liquid. I’m not sure it gets any more pure than that. Anyhow, that stopped after some time in deep spring too.
  • I’m more outspoken, comfortable with my truth

I guess in WILDFIT terms, these would be non-scale successes!

Thank you Eric Edmeades, Ariel Aurora, all the super supportive coaches, the ambassadors who were really pivotal for me, especially Dipti, Aashwini Sharma, and Lisa Bowen. And most of all for this incredible WILDFIT facebook community. I really enjoyed reading your successes, setbacks, a-ha’s that also sparked a-ha’s for me, and the loving support you gave to your tribe mates. Now I understand the reason I’ve had an empty feeling lately!

I love you all.

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