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MaryAnn Evangelista

I chose Wildfit for the specific reason that I had lost my beloved friend and husband of 38 years in September 2019 and my health was slowly fading due to the fact that I was my husbands  caregiver for 7 years.

I was beyond exhaustion, had gained a lot of weight, I was not sleeping much, couldn’t even remember if I ate from morning to night.  My stress level was out of sight and my heart rhythm was dreadful!  What I needed was rest, sleep and to get back into taking care of me. 

I rarely looked in the mirror, my clothes didn’t fit anymore and my heart was aching as I watch my beloved fade away from his cancers etc. I was even too tired to cry…..

After he passed I knew I had to find something just for me and I started searching.

Then I found Wildfit!!!!!!!

I jumped in … played full out…. did everything I was suppose to…except the measurements and photos.  I couldn’t bare to look at myself….  these are selfies a took a couple days ago!!!!

I am the healthiest that I have been in my entire life!!!! I sleep like a baby, I am rested at long last, I have released over 35 lbs, none of my old clothes fit… but this time they are tooooo big!  Haha!!! I am stronger, I laugh, I have found the me I use to dream about.  I know that what Eric Edmeades has taught me and thousands of others is a blessing from the Heavens!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you WILDFIT for giving me my life back after so many years of unbelievable medical complications, pain and sorrow.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Every day is a blessing…every single moment is a miracle!  I love life and now I can move forward.  Thank you ….. thank you so much!!!!


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