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Noreen Lang-Bryant

WILDFITTER since 2019

Finally getting around to posting my results:

Released 11lbs and 25”

BMI dropped 1.5 points

Body fat dropped 2 pointed

Stronger nails, more hair and fuller hair

Healthier, happier, more confidence, more focus

Excited to live life

Food freedom

My coach Brenda helped me to stay focused and to be aware of the words I used that didn’t serve me and to be kind to myself

Learned so much and more importantly have implemented the learning, which has become a way of life

No cravings.

I used to be a chocoholic. I am free of sugars, dairy, alcohol, refined carbs


No more dieting or quick fixes.

I’ve added exercise to tone up and release the last few inches.

The scale no longer rules my life.

Thank you Eric and the team for this incredible program.

My husband who decided to join me on this journey has released 22 lbs and 30”.

What a gift for both of us. We have the tools and resources to live a WILDFIT life.

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