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Norman Lihaven

WILDFITTER since 2017

As I reflect back on our progress over the past 8 weeks, I cannot help but think of the phrase “when the student is ready, the master appears.” Fortunately for us, the preparing to be ready began in January 2016 at the MYM Business Mastery as we learned from Colin Sprake about‪ ‎Mindset‬.

Then of course we were introduced to Eric Edmeades at Business Excellence 2016 and the journey towards better health began.

I continue to count my blessings daily as we progress on this WILDFIT experience and remain fully committed to achieving our goals. Irene and I have now released a combined total of 41 lbs … that equals 3 x 10 lb bags of sugar and 11 x 1 lbs of butter!

Ask me if we will ever “find” those lbs again? NO WAY!

And this is just the start … our final story is going to be so amazing as we become living examples of this wonderful new healthy lifestyle!

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