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Patina Edwards

WILDFITTER since 2021

So happy with what I achieved during our 90 days together. 18 kgs lighter, a lot of emotional healing with the end of my marriage and relishing the additional time bubbled with my precious son. Choosing to do WILDFIT is definitely one of my most precious choices in life so far. I knew all the different approaches to healthy living (been there, got the organic shirt) but inevitably when stress got the best of me, I’d be vanquished by the food devil. No more! I love the freedom I now have around food, spending way less time in the kitchen, the ample energy, the clarity, the lightness of my body when I exercise, and sheeze, my waist is back! I am 2 kgs off what I weighed at high school. Eric and team, thank you so much. E kore e mutu taku mihi ki a koutou. My gratitude is endless. Patina

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