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Rachael Halliday

Before and after having released over a stone. Since living WildFit I have been enjoying summer… I was soooo craving an apple that I devoured one that was past its best and I really appreciated it!!

I have eaten 2 squares of dark chocolate that had been hanging around since Christmas and enjoyed them. I tried some milk chocolate and wasn’t that fussed. I’ve had a couple of pots of loose leaf tea on different days that I savoured. For a few mornings I have had mueseli with yogurt and blueberries and enjoyed it the first couple of times but after that was just eating it because it is easy – plus I have a lot to eat up and I’m not going to waste it. I will be interested to see whether when it is finished I will bother to get any more.

Thank you all for sharing your journey so honestly and for all the support I have witnessed in here.

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