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Sandra Benjamin Guerrier

This approach is like no other and I appreciated how gradually we stepped into the different seasons , but most of all , I appreciated how Eric Edmeades and the coaches & ambassadors  Ariel Aurora, Ronnie Webb II, Aashwini taught us in crystal clear and understandable language, advices and theories why those foods were good for us and that we could still enjoyed a real meal that did not have tons of sugar, grease, cow milk, refined carbs and additives.

I never thought  I could drink 2 liters of water a day -not juices, sodas or liquids -just water and be asking for more.

I never thought I could overcome my daily sugar cravings and go on a 4 +weeks streams not having fruits , cereals , coffee, alcohol , bread or dairies.

I never thought I could drink a tea without honey but with a stick of cinnamon and have an all green raw UNSWEETENED smoothie called “ alkagizer prime” as a breakfast and throughout the day and actually enjoy it.

I never thought I could be cooking exclusively from scratch and mostly of veggies , a wonderful satisfying and savory meal without adding any canned product in it.

I never thought I could finish this quest, skeptical at first as I was, confined home, alone, in the trouble covid19 times were experiencing right now.

But I did and I am proud of me, of all of you in my FEBRUARY FABULOUS TRIBE and for trusting Eric, the coaches and the WF Team along the way. 

I have release 14 pounds, a couple of inches almost everywhere, reduced by 75% my knee and lower back pains, stopped taking pain killers and my daily supplements because I feel great.

I still have a couple of pounds to release but now I have the tools, the motivation and the right mindset to achieve it.

This is how great and genuine this program is and I am proud to be a part of it. Thank you WF.

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