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Sharmini Ratnasingam

I have officially completed my 90 days Wildfit program. I am proud of myself for following the program as closely as possible.

I lost a total 10kgs (actually more but I gained weight when I started exercising)

The whole experience has been enlightening. I found I quite like vegetables and even the green juice.  I found that I could go without food for 3 to 4 days in a row. I am cooking again although washing up is chore. Maybe getting a dishwasher is good idea.

The other side of it is that I miss my bread, cheese and potatoes. Before I leave the house to do groceries, I having this conversation with my food devil to say it is ok to have these things once in a while. It is getting to be an interesting conversation.

I did this program not for the weight loss but to nourish myself. I deserve to treat myself better. Somehow my sneaky brain convinced me that weight loss is important and my drastic and difficult decision to ban my weighing scale.

Am I happy with the out come? I am happy I am feeling good and it was not a complicated journey. Though it sounded like I was going through a regiment diet… It was not. I just eliminated items from my diet and I could eat everything else that is good for me. Also my biggest challenge was my mind…. I know I have not eliminated that sabotaging voice but the volume is down.

For today I am really proud of myself.

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