Tania Aranda

What an amazing experience WILDFIT has been, I grew up watching my mom struggling with weight and living from diet to diet, from most part of my life I had believed I was lucky to have inherited my father’s fat metabolism, in a way I had promised myself to never follow any kind of diet or food advice until I faced weight issues and not to mention a long recovery of depression. I am now so much more in tune with what I eat and how I eat, last week I was in Mexico and did eat tortillas, but instead of having one, I had a bite, I stopped eating when I felt full and was very much aware of how I was feeling, I again had a sip at a beer and tasted horrible, you got to know that I have been a beer drinker since I was 16 years old and have struggled with alcohol consumption, I did enjoy a shot of tequila, but did not had the need for more like it used to. Before I just needed a drink to get this emotional kick for more, instead I enjoyed I shared good laughs with my family and that was it. Despite my additions of Mexican food I came back with the same weight and friends and family mentioned how good I looked, I lost 5 kg and lost 5 cm in my biggest belly point area. I feel really good and want to continue growing into the program.

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