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Tara Rayburn

WILDFITTER since 2017

I have never been so excited to post health news!!!! I went in to my MD (who is also completely holistic) to discuss my thyroid numbers being low. As thought, he didn’t realize I had been off my Natural Thyroid (natural thyroid support)

The nurse came in and ran the electrodermal test (holistic diagnostic tool using the acupuncture points in the body)

I had the best test I’ve ever had! All in the green zone with only two areas red (skin/spleen) which likely are taxed still due to stress I’ve been moving past.

Dr. Olson came in I told him what I’ve been doing in WILDFIT and that I’d really like to not add supplements and homeopathy right now. After seeing my test results he was thrilled and gave me the choice to do thyroid support or not. After prayer and conversation and the knowledge that my busy travel season is coming up we are adding a tiny amount of NatureThroid 1/4 of a dose every other day!

My Dr, the nurse and the lab tech all tried my Alkagizer and are anxious to see my Spectral Cell (Nutrient Test) when I’m done.

He picked my brain for about an hour and was equally as fascinated with the behavior change and emotional work this The WFC is stoking in me!

Dr. Olson said he’s “Googling” WILDFIT as soon as I leave.

This is what a Dr.’s visit can look like… True collaboration!

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