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Vidhi Sayani

WILDFITTER since 2021

Week 1. Week 8. Week 12. (Lost 12.5 kgs or 27.5 lbs)

And… updating my progress list.

  1. My body is communicating with me. This happened the day before. I had some seeds that tasted stale (tastebuds communicating) and had it anyway, cuz it tasted good. Next day I have a little upset stomach. I don’t feel like eating anything (body communicating again). I have alkagizer anyway, cuz its spring, and I puke it out in the next 3 hours (again my body communicating). I learned (1) I will not have stale food after my body communicates. (2) I will listen to my body. If it is not hungry and wants to heal, I give my body the space to heal. (3) You puke green after having alkagizer ;)
  2. I had another allergy episode. Lasted 2 days as compared to 4-5. Its day 3 and I have my energy back, no sneezes.
  3. I take my B12 and D3 supplements, and I am noticing a shift in energy levels and moods already.
  4. My wrists are thinner, 1 (almost 2) hole down on my Fitbit.
  5. I love every time I look in the mirror.
  6. People are asking me (including doc) WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The other day my cousin goes, Vidhi I dont know how, but you just seem different.
  7. My productivity is increasing. Little by little. But daily.
  8. I see a problem, I think what’s the solution now? I think it is a HUGE shift. :D
  9. I am learning new ways of cooking, I got this book on Indian vegan cooking which is SO helpful, cooking is an adventure in itself. So besides the psychological questioning to a craving, I take up a challenge, OKAY I AM CRAVING THIS FOOD, HOW CAN I RECREATE THAT TASTE, AT HOME, WHICH IS WF APPROVED.
  10. I see food differently. I see so many sugary drinks, I think POISON.
  11. I have started journaling food experiences. I TREATED MYSELF with a new Journal :D
  12. Every time I write a food experience, good or bad, I conclude with this WHAT NEXT? question, and write what I picked up from the experience in one line.
  13. I plan and carry my food and water whenever I go out. If I have to eat out (which I don’t like much) I am THAT PERSON. I take time creating my order. Even if its not there on the menu. I call restaurants beforehand to see if they can customise. I have found few vegan, organic restaurants which I will try next time I want to dine out.
  14. My family is so happy for me. I cannot stress this enough.
  15. I am learning. Being conscious. Caring about what I eat. Caring about where my food comes from. Listening to my body.
  16. When I shared with my family how fasting gives body a rest, my grandparents have taken up intermittent fasting. And they’ve picked so many other tiny little things.

I was watching today’s video and I was in tears. This is so weird, I cry when I am happy. I am beyond grateful. I feel lucky, in fact. God is great.

You have made this journey so exciting and fun, have genuinely cared that we transform our health. I cannot thank you enough.

Our community is a boon. People are so helpful here. It is a pure pure space.

Group hug to everyone.

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