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Thanksgiving Dishes

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Many people struggle to find healthy recipes to cook during the holidays. It can can also be difficult to live WILDFIT during the holidays because of all the feasts and baking around. We have put together some of our favorite WILDFIT dishes so that you and your family can enjoy a healthy thanksgiving!

No Bake Pumpkin & Bacon Casserole 

For the full recipe, visit: 

As the weather gets chilly, warm, cozy, and comforting food is a top priority! Creamy pumpkin sauce, crispy bacon, perfectly steamed veggies- what more do you need? This casserole is quick and simple to prepare, so it would make a perfect weeknight meal, potluck dish or side dish at a seasonal meal. Perfectly savory, decadent and completely functional, it is sure to make it into the regular meal rotation.

Shepherd’s Pie with Mushroom Thyme Gravy 

For the full recipe, visit here: 

Often, in the colder winter months, we start longing for foods that are hearty, warm and filling to satisfy our yearning for heat and comfort. Unfortunately, many foods meeting these criteria are completely unsupportive, and usually not in line with how we would like to be eating to meet our health goals. Fortunately, we have found a way to combine the textures and flavours we are looking for with a ton of greens and nutrition to give the vitality you need to make it through the freeze with vigour, and in comfort. 

Creamy Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Chicken

For the full recipe, visit: 

This one pot dish gets dinner on the table in 20 minutes, and only uses a handful of ingredients and very little chopping to do it.  Delicious and filling on it’s own or served over your favorite veggies, this is sure to make it into the food plan rotation. You can even modify it for a vegan option by subbing out the chicken for mushrooms and making the broth vegetable. 


For the full recipe, visit here: 

Is there anything more heartwarming than a big bowl of chili? We don’t think so! This recipe is full of vegetables, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Enjoy this with your family and friends this holiday season. 

BBQ Chicken Casserole 

For the full recipe, visit here: 

Casseroles have a place as a staple food in many cultures, Lasagna, mac & cheese, enchiladas, or the classic tuna, these recipes have been passed down because they let you stretch food as far as possible and they can be assembled ahead of time. Try this delicious recipe today!

Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner 

Visit here for the full recipe: 

A dinner for 4 ready with only 15 minutes of prep work? Yes it is possible! This slow cooker chicken dinner has a sophisticated taste that also pleases kids- and it is WILDFIT Spring friendly. Simple, inexpensive and efficient on time? That is our kind of dinner.

Morocaan Pumpkin Chili

For the full recipe, visit: 

It is natural that the crisp autumn air brings us cravings for warm, comforting foods. My personal favourite is pumpkin, spiced with all the right aromas and flavours. The wonderful thing about these particularly popular flavours is that they are also perfectly supportive of our immune system at this time of year. Like most of our recipes, you can also modify it easily to make it vegan. Try this delicious Moroccan pumpkin Chili today!

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