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The Magic of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those things that nature provides us that has a ton of uses. It’s good for your hair, it’s supposedly good as a digestive and it can also be super tasty in foods. There are some really amazing recipes that you can use with coconut oil if you want to stop using butter, or other oils and fats. Here are five cool ideas on how you can use coconut oil in your food.


  1. Use coconut oil to fry food in


If you’re making a stirfry, or you’re looking to fry something in a pan, you can use coconut oil! Normally people pan fry things in butter or vegetable oil, but coconut oil is also a great. It is a super healthy alternative, that has a TON of health benefits, like reduced cholesterol.


  1.  Use on top of a baked potato

A great way to use coconut oil is to bake a sweet potato, open it up and spread coconut oil on it. If you want to add a little more flavor, you can also top it off with some cinnamon. This provides you with a yummy way to eat a baked potato, without the worry of eating butter, sour cream or cheese.


  1.  Use coconut oil in baking

You can use coconut oil in your baking as well! If a recipe asks for vegetable oil or butter you can use equal parts coconut oil, and you will get the same consistency and flavour that you normally would based on the coconut oil that you use. If you used refined coconut oil, then you will have the same taste as always, but if you used unrefined coconut oil, then you will have that coconut taste in whatever you bake.


  1. Coconut oil in smoothies


Another great use for coconut oil is to put it in a smoothie. When you’re making a fruit smoothie, or maybe even an alkalizer, you can add a scoop of coconut oil. This can help to thicken the smoothie, but it also adds some really great saturated fats that will help you keep your cholesterol down.


  1.  Homemade sports energy drink


Workouts can be ROUGH, as you push your body to the limit. This makes it necessary to refuel your body with nutrients that you lost. Coconut oil is chock full of nutrients that will help you recover after a workout.


There are many great uses for coconut oil, and health benefits that go along with these uses. Coconut oil is one of those foods that should be, based on the tastiness and health benefits, an absolute staple in your daily diet.

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