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“Someone Lit Me On Fire…

And That’s How WILDFIT Began’’

Luckily, founder of WILDFIT, Eric Edmeades survived his accident. Otherwise he wouldn’t be here to tell us his inspiring story about WILDFIT and what it’s all about.

Sit back. Relax and enjoy the story…

How WILDFIT Can Help You Get Ultimate Power Over Food!

Have you ever heard of an elephant that eats meat? Or a lion that survives on figs, plain grass and chia seeds? No, right?

That’s because elephants and lions are completely different. They don’t eat this way because someone assigned them a meal plan. They eat the diet that is best suited for their species.

Every animal on Earth has its own diet. A particular way of eating that makes it possible for that animal to function at its absolute best.

Here at WILDFIT, we believe the same is true for humans.

Food is our greatest medicine, but so many of us are ignoring or mistreating this rich resource.

WILDFIT is about eating the way Mother Nature intended.

WILDFIT is about giving your body the nutrition it wants and needs, WITHOUT relying on your willpower or strict rules (like normal fad diets).

WILDFIT is about getting FREE!

WILDFIT is about focusing on getting more of the good stuff and eliminating the need for willpower. It’s about conquering your cravings altogether.

Our mission is to help people obtain ultimate food freedom. The only reason WILDFIT exists is because it’s helped thousands of people obtain the lifestyle they desire.

New energetic lifestyles that have been achieved through the WILDFIT method. We took what we learned from their transformations, and created the 14 Day Reset Challenge. It makes things easy when it comes to supercharging your health!

If you want to discover how to increase your energy and feel and look your best, the 14 Day Reset is the easiest way to get it.

Don’t let food define the quality of your life.

Let’s reset your relationship with food for good!

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6 thoughts on “The WILDFIT Story”

  1. Hi.
    I am from India. There are very limited green vegetables available in my area. Also our diet is mostly carbohydrates consisting of roti n rice. Non veg is essential in our diet. I suffer from migraine, indigestion n increasing tummy. Not very regular in exercising.
    Will this program help me as many things which u will advise will not be easily available over here.
    Kindly advise

  2. My goal is to deal with joint pain caused by a motorbike accident many years ago and sciatica which has recently appeared.

  3. Dude, I’m also from India. So, you’re basically saying you’re addicted to the high carb roti /rice diet & do not want to change ? If you do not change, millions of courses can do nothing !

  4. I would like to release another 25 kg of my body that I cary around. I felt benefits by eating healthy with restful sleep and full of energy during day. I felt calmer by not drinking coffee, it was hard of cutting off coffee. It was more the reward after hard day, which was hard to stop. good luck everyone

  5. Eating in North America is a mine field! I have severely damaged my body and mind
    by eating to alleviate gratitude.
    My daughter-in-law let me care for my grandson during the scam. So, for 3 years I went
    and spent time with my grandson mostly every day….in her kitchen. It’s just the way her
    condo is set up. Then I felt that she felt funny accepting help without payment. So, when
    she invited me to eat with her ordered in food I accepted. Big mistake. I was reasonably
    healthy then, now I’m a mess. My teeth get dirty faster, my weight makes it hard to move,
    (I hate body parts that shouldn’t, touch each other), my knees hurt, my eyesight even suffers, my
    cloths don’t fit, and my confidence is suffering. I feel like I’m dying.

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