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Three Ways To Rejuvenate This Spring

At this point, your News Year’s resolutions might be far in the rearview mirror and  you may need a reminder of the wellness goals you set out for yourself. Spring is known to be the season of rejuvenation, but what does that mean to you in your own life?

As nature shakes off the heaviness of winter and renews itself with a fresh, green start, we are often encouraged to do the same. This comes from both from a primal, subconscious place and a cultural one. As we see the crocuses sprouting up through the fresh soil we get a natural urge to cleanse (and it helps that the word “detox’ is everywhere we look!).

Let’s be clear, however, that this new season offers us an opportunity for so much more than a simple 7 day detox. We can take the opportunity to pause as the seeds are sprouting to invigorate our own wellness routine and goals.

Here are three ideas for you to ensure personal rejuvenation this spring:




If you had to pause and evaluate the many words running through your head at any given moment, what percentage would be positive? Often, due to stress or other pressures, we get into a cycle of negative self talk and judgement. Take notice of those voices and try to learn where they come from and whether or not they’re serving you.

A key principle of the WildFit 90 Day Challenge is learning how to become aware of the different voices or characters that occupy your mind. Becoming aware of who is really speaking prevents the tendency to live your life on autopilot. You can then experience some incredibly empowering self discovery, shifting a huge amount of personal baggage in a very short period of time! Consider lightening your own mental load. New season, new perspective!



This can be as simple as getting clear and honest with yourself about what serves you and what doesn’t. Often we can get stuck in a rut, life is busy and one day fades into the next. We set intentions at bedtime to make tomorrow different, yet each evening we find ourselves in a frustratingly familiar space. The missing link is that without identifying the trigger or cause of certain behaviours, we are unable to create new, healthier replacements for our current routine.

A huge part of the WildFit mindset is acknowledging how much we do just because someone once told us to do it, an old set of ‘rules’ that no longer applies to the life we want to be living. It is only by understanding that we are running on ancient software that we realize we need an upgrade! Once you truly understand why you do what you do, the next step is learning how to create new habits based upon what you really need to grow into the person you want to be now.  

Try to identify three habits that you would like to eliminate and get curious about their origin as specifically as you can. From there, decide on the positive behaviors you would like to replace them with, and one by one, spaced 2 weeks apart, start to integrate the new habits into your daily life. Again, specificity equals success, so be really clear!



For those living the WildFit diet, you already know that we have a ‘Spring Season’ of the program that mimics what the ancient tribes of Africa would have experienced during natural spring.

The rains would allow for a ton of fresh greens to grow and for animal herds to come together at the swelling rivers to drink and graze. As hunter gatherers, we would take full advantage by replenishing our nutrient stores and clearing out metabolic garbage by feasting on what was plentiful. In modern times, in general diet culture, we tend to take on this principle through something like a short green smoothie cleanse, but we don’t play full out to receive all the possible benefits.

This is really selling yourself short, as the ‘cleaning house’ energy that comes with Spring is intense but short lived. So how can you best take advantage of the season and revive your body with tons of vital energy? Think living food. Many of us get used to eating lots of beige food throughout the winter, and the vegetables we do eat can be limited.

This month we challenge you to green up your diet with tons of plant power. The nutrients in fresh greens, sprouts, and young vegetables like bok choy, garlic scapes and fiddleheads will signal to your body that it is time to flush out some winter fat storage and zing each and every one of your cells with tons of energy to remove old metabolic garbage.

There are two more benefits that are common sense but rarely thought of. These green foods are often plump with mineral rich water and slightly bitter tasting. Again, by munching on these fresh foods you signal to your body’s cleansing organs that there is work to be done, so you can be subtly recharging your tissues without the intense symptoms that sometimes come with a specific cleanse. A green smoothie for breakfast, a salad with lunch, and plants covering more than half your plate at dinner is a great start!


Fresh season, fresh opportunities! Choose one or all three of these rejuvenation ideas to integrate into your life, starting today. They can definitely help you enjoy the spring season and all that it brings you in regards to your health and happiness.


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2 thoughts on “Three Ways To Rejuvenate This Spring”

  1. Patricia Armstrong

    A great read. My life is crazy busy but I’m so glad I joined wildfit. What you all share is “Ear Delicious” to me.
    Also, it’s been very impactful to me.

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