Join Eric Edmeades for


January 30th and 31st 2023, Eric’s first time ever launching the Worldwide Challenge LIVE from Toronto, Canada

There has never been a better time to

put your heath and future first

Immerse yourself in WILDFIT by joining this two day live event with Eric Edmeades and other special guests.

January 30th and January 31st 2023

Only 150 seats available!

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We don’t need to tell you that #WILDFITWorks. You already know that. The question is:

how do i continue to experience the freedom WILDFIT gives me?

Attend this exclusive, never seen before 2-day event with Eric Edmeades. This experience is built around continued education on how to live WILDFIT in your daily life. With the chance to work with Eric directly, ask your questions and participate in special WILDFIT related experiences, this event is one you won’t want to miss.

If WILDFIT works so well... Why would someone like me need to do it again?

We’ll stop you right there. That’s the diet mentality speaking. Once you “finish” a diet, you’re done for life right? Or until the next time you decide you need to release a few lbs. Eh… Wrong!

WILDFIT is a way of life, which means the learning never stops. You are constantly learning about yourself and your food devil and angel. Repeat WILDFITTER’s often say that their second or third time of going through the program results in an even better outcome.

What WILDFIT Alumni are saying:

Big win this week is I released 2 kg, my skin is glowing and carb cravings have reduced.

Deborah Mariniello
Non-scale win: feeling amazing! I slept wonderfully the past two nights and have not felt any grogginess in the morning! Clear head from the get go with lots of energy.
Dawn Della Volpe
I have released 13 lbs (so far 😉). While weight loss was my biggest motivator for this challenge, I found that that has changed. My big motivation is now the control/freedom that I feel around food.

Cynthia Zabala

I feel my biggest wins are less inflammation, pain, clothing is so much looser and hardly any bloating when I eat. Of course the 20lbs of weight released is pretty cool too.🥰
Pat King

I’ve had so many wins that I’m grateful for.
– I’ve released more than 25lbs
– I have reduced cravings for certain foods (food freedom!)
– I have tried so many new foods and developed new habits for cooking my meals

Tonya Williams Clark

– I’ve released over 20 pounds.
– I’m more energetic.
– My workouts are far easier. -My brain fog is reduced/gone.
– I’ve been enjoying cooking new foods and combos.

Gwen Herrin
Absolutely fantastic results, lost 10kg and felt so “clear” in my head.
Cath Zwaneveld

I released only a little weight but dropped a few dress sizes – I was a walking advert that kg/ pounds really are not what it’s about.
I had tons of energy, no pains or aches & it was super easy for me.

Monica Lewis Weyers

I am Grateful to have found this program 🌈
I had amazing success after completing this program in 2018, and the amount of “Ah Ha! ” moments and knowledge gained regarding nutrition was beyond expectation 🥰

Sunny Elphick

Imagine a life fully free from a toxic relationship with food.

Take a moment, visualize this in your head… What does a world where you aren’t bound to food by addictions and cravings look like?

What does it look like exactly?

Experience the Worldwide Challenge LIVE in a room with other WILDFITTERS!

Only 150 seats available!

Learn from the WILDFIT founder himself, and other WILDFITTERS whose lives have been forever changed.

Eric Edmeades spent the earlier part of his life struggling with constant sinus and throat infections, excess weight, acne and chronic fatigue.

His doctors believed that surgically removing his tonsils was the solution, but on a whim, Eric decided to experiment with changing his diet. Within 30 days, all of his symptoms went away, so the surgery was cancelled.

You know those people who get an idea and become obsessed with it? Eric is one of those people. He became fascinated by food’s role in achieving true health. He wanted to understand why simple dietary changes healed his body – especially when western medicine had spent years telling him that cutting out a part of his body was the only solution.

His research took him to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied their eating patterns. He waded through stacks of nutritional data and functional anthropology research. He devoted years of his life to analyzing and testing his theories, and WILDFIT is the culmination of it all.

Without Eric’s passion, the thousands of people whose lives have been changed by WILDFIT would still be struggling with poor health and debilitating diseases. We’re beyond grateful for his commitment to self-healing and above all, living a life of freedom.

Harry Parker
Certified WILDFIT® Coach

Becoming a WILDFIT Coach has allowed Harri to embrace his true nature. Having the knowledge and tools to effectively help others create food freedom, he has helped his clients generate transformative results. Guiding others through the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge has inspired him as a Coach!

Harri is passionate about showing others how healthy living can be affordable and enjoyable, and loves the energy WILDFIT has brought into his life. Harri is also a detail-oriented mechanical engineer, swimmer and outdoor enthusiast.

Clint Vosloo
Certified WILDFIT® Coach

Clint has a passion for all things health and fitness, which is evident in every aspect of his life. After running a global IT consultancy company, he shifted his focus and built a successful coaching business.

In 2020, his coaching journey evolved after discovering WILDFIT. He transformed his body, his mind and his relationship with food and knew that he had to share WILDFIT with the world!

Jackie Dumaine
Business & Mindset Trainer for WILDFIT Coaches

Blending a passion for entrepreneurship with her commitment to personal growth, Jackie left a career as an advertising and marketing executive to launch a coaching, speaking and transformational retreat business over a decade ago.

Jackie currently leads and facilitates the Business & Mindset membership for WILDFIT coaches. What lights her up? Sparking action, creating community and inspiring others to see bigger possibilities for their life and business.

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January 30-31, 2023
9am-5pm EST
Delta Hotels Toronto Mississauga







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Live WWC with Eric


1 item only

Lunch Included

Copy of New WILDFIT Workbook*

VIP Dinner with Eric**

* Available for purchase
** Meal cost included – no additions like alcohol or speciality beverages will be covered by this ticket

The Experience

The schedule for these two days will be unlike any other WILDFIT event ever hosted. With lots of interactive hands-on experiences as well as learning opportunities.

Enjoy things like:

And much more!

Full agenda will be shared prior to the event.

Only 150 seats available!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, however, we highly recommend it. WILDFIT is a great experience the first time around - however, in order for it to work most effectively, you need to take the enhancements the first week seriously. This includes staying in tune with what your body thinks it wants during that first week. So while all are welcome, this event is really focused on alumni.

Yes! However all participants must have a ticket. We do offer a couples special of buy 1 get the second 25% off.

The live tickets are fully refundable up until January 8th. At this time, the venue needs a final head count and food and plans will be made accordingly.
Access to the event as well as lunch both days are included in your ticket price. Any other inclusions and such for other tickets (VIP or Coaches tickets) will be listed accordingly.

We have a special room rate for the venue hotel. You can click here for the discounted amount of $169 CAD a night (This is only available for Sunday-Friday). You do not have to stay at the venue hotel, however, this rate seems to be the most affordable in the area.

We are working hard with the chefs at the venue to make sure that the seasons of WILDFIT are covered in the lunch options. We know that coming to an event can sometimes cause extra stress, but in the name of freedom, we have worked with the venue accordingly. If you have any other dietary requirements - such as allergies or restrictions, please be sure to let us know on your registration form that is sent out after your purchase your tickets.
Yourself! We recommend also bringing something to write in/with as we will have some journaling time. We also recommend a water bottle and something to hold your goodies in! There will be an optional yoga/meditation experience Tuesday morning, so if you would like to attend, bring clothes accordingly.
Plan on 9am-5pm both days. If you purchase a VIP pass, the dinner will go later in the evening.

You can! We even have a special rate for you for this event. It’s only $169 CAD (~$124 USD) per night. You only have until January 15th to book using this promotion! You can book here.

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