Transformation Tuesday – A Family Affair


WildFit Team

For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we have an entire family’s transition! Read below to learn about Donya’s story and how it impacted her entire family.

“My husband released 25lbs and I released 30lbs! I was struggling with liver problems that were causing many hormonal issues, a dark mask covering my face, infertility problems, pre-diabetes, uncontrollable weight gain, inflammation and digestive problems. I am so happy to report that my body is now healing and most of all, my symptoms are gone or disappearing!

Even more, our youngest son Peyton has struggled with his weight since he was 5 years old. He suffered from anxiety, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and low energy levels. On top of this, the doctors were starting to worry about him developing diabetes and heart problems because of his size. It broke my heart.

WildFit was the answer to our prayers. Peyton started his journey at 215lbs and is now at 178lbs… that’s 37lbs and counting! After his journey, he now has a healthy amount of confidence, love for life and the energy to be a child again. Most importantly though, we are so grateful for his restored health!

I absolutely love WildFit! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Eric and the WildFit team!”

We are ECSTATIC for you Donya, and are so excited to watch your family’s journey!

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WildFit Team

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