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Transformation Tuesday – Feeling Balanced

Jo’s WildFit transformation was incredible, and left her completely transformed from the inside out. She lost weight all over her body, on her face, chest, arms, midriff, waist, hips and bum – in total she released 33 inches in the 3 months of living WildFit! She’s also feeling more confident and in love with her curves, so much so that she doesn’t want to release any more weight from her chest… or bum!


But as amazing as her outside transformation was, what’s more amazing is the transformation that we can’t see on the surface. Jo’s body is balanced, she has no candida or acne any longer. She’s feeling more energetic, waking up feeling energized, awake and healthy. As well,  she’s finding her mental state and emotions to be in a much better state.


In her words:


“Firstly – THANK YOU to you all!!! It’s been an incredible 3 months and so much has changed… Changes that have altered my body, mind and my business of me – I feel freed from a vehicle that was not assisting my journey of thriving and success which now feels in alignment! I’m back speaking to groups, my second book is out next and I’ve started seeing clients… The response I get from everyone is “your energy is amazing and so good to be around”… Right FUEL is essential to energy, mindset and emotional well being.”


It’s so easy to see that Jo is forever changed by living WildFit and we’re so proud of how far she’s come!



A little about Jo:


Jo Warwick lives in the UK, by the sea in Cornwall. A former professional sportswoman, born spiritual energy healer, turned therapist and psychologist (individuals, couples, children and family), she specialised in human development, attachment and Love. She has worked with thousands of men and women around the world to heal wounds on love, life and embrace their empowerment and skills to living life their way — in alignment with their joy, happiness and wealth with the Law of Attraction.

She also wrote for six years for sites, such as Tiny Buddha, Huffington Post, The Mind Unleashed and The Change Blog as well as contributing to other books, magazines and professional therapeutic journals. Yet since 2016 she has written three books – The Big Book Of Love, A Life More Travelled and The Path Of Success, combining her personal and professional experience with her capacity for storytelling, to help guide you on your path to abundance.

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