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We can express how much excitement we have for Tiffany’s transformation! Read below to see everything she’s accomplished on the program so far!


“Tracking my progress really requires going back to January when I weighed the most before living WildFit. I was 140.6lbs. I don’t have any measurements from back then, but I will say I was a 10-12 in size, a lot for this tiny frame of 4’10”. I’m now a size 4 at 118lbs.


We began living mostly WildFit when we moved to Nicaragua in February. The only major difference is I was eating more gallopinto (rice and beans is a staple food here) and having maple sugar in my coffee before the challenge.


So I released 18.2 pounds in the two months before the challenge started and another 4.2 pounds during the challenge. I tracked 9.25 inches dropped during the challenge. Based on my previous size, I would estimate that I dropped 8-10 inches before my first measurements.



Other benefits to the challenge specifically:

  • I stopped needing several supplements, and stopped birth control for managing PMDD
  • My depression is gone.  I experience joy on a regular basis, with smiles
  • I’m in menopause (menstruation was linked to severe depressive events, PMDD)
  • My psoriasis plaques on my legs are gone
  • The candida rash I had for years on my chest is gone, and candida appears to be under control or gone
  • My skin is amazing
  • My leaky gut appears to be healed
  • My ocular migraines have stopped



These are significant life-saving gains that came with addressing my nutrition. I’ve tried a lot of programs since being diagnosed with celiac disease and learning about my candida and leaky gut issues. Nothing I did was nearly as effective as WildFit! There are so many people who could benefit from this amazing program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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WildFit Team

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