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Transformation Tuesday – Lighter, Healthier, & Stronger

WILDFIT Success Story

We are so in LOVE with Deborah’s transformation! Read her results below and take a couple minutes to watch her transformation video.

“I want to thank Eric, the coaches and everyone in my tribe for the most amazing 90 day journey! I loved hearing everyone’s inspirational stories of courage and vulnerability as well as sharing their great results and successes. Eric, thank you so much for your wisdom, charisma and guidance to new levels of health! I have released 30lbs and 31.5” – I am thrilled! I feel so much lighter, healthier and stronger than I was at the beginning of the program! I will live WILDFIT from now on. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned, it’s changed my life!

The ‘After’ picture with the baby was taken after working 58 hours straight and living on Alkagizer while I  helped my client give birth to her beautiful baby boy! WILDFIT gave me the energy to push through that labor and stay sharp right up until the end!”

Congratulations, Deborah!

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