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Transformation Tuesday – Living Life to the Fullest

WILDFIT Success Story

We are sharing Patricia’s story today for Transformation Tuesday! Read about her progress below!

Carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and berries? This is heaven!

I would have never imagined myself celebrating over root vegetables.

So much has changed since I started living WildFit. Most important of all, I feel truly empowered around food. I haven’t felt this way since a young age and this was my deepest desire for joining this program. Yes, I still have cravings once in awhile, and 100% of the time, I can identify the origin of it. It has become so easy to listen to the dialogue and to my body. Sometimes it’s a physical need, but most of the time it is emotional.

I remember in the beginning wondering how I would meet the emotional needs that were asking for food. At first I was only noticing and honoring the fact that they were there, which in itself felt very loving. Then I began connecting more to whatever was around me: my kids’ joy, the food I was prepping, the sun, squirrels outside, how my body felt, etc. I also came here often to ‘listen’ to all of you in our shared journey.

Looking back, I see that in a subtle way and almost without realizing, I have placed myself in the center of my life. I now naturally fill my heart in the moment. I’ve been doing more things that I love too, like drawing, coloring and starting a new business (wow!)

I feel that without numbing our pain with food, I AM LIVING MORE. The pains I’ve avoided actually had a constant grip on me before, and with the psychological aspects of this program, I have found freedom. Is the pain still there? Yes. But I can fill my heart with thoughts and actions that ACTUALLY ease it. I’ve developed my own ‘medicine’ by living life without the fog created by food (which I only became aware of as they were removed).

Other progress I’ve had is my in my energy level and SLEEP. I am sleeping all night long. OMG, this is such a huge gift. I’ve been a light sleeper my whole life and now, I actually have restorative sleep. I dream too much though, but that’s minor compared to actually feeling well rested.

I’ve released 20lbs (this includes the 7lbs I had gained during those first two weeks). This ⅓ of all I need to release and it is more than I’ve released in the past 5 years.

My measurements have gone down. The last time I measured was 2 weeks ago and it was a total of 16.5 inches. I’ve come down 1 dress size and feel amazing and comfortable in my clothes even though there’s a long way to go until I’m in balance weight-wise.

So, the truth is that I FEEL AMAZING for the first time in years. I am comfortable in a body that feels more energized, relaxed, clean, and pain-free.

Mainly I have HOPE for continued progress. And I’ve embraced the fact that this lifestyle works for me and my body. If I have to be ‘that person’ at restaurants or never actually eat like everybody else, it’s okay. I have no doubt that this works for me. I have finally discovered what my body needs (I’ve been searching for so long) and am committed to prioritizing well-being over convenience.”

THANK YOU Patricia! We’re so happy with your progress and can’t wait to see your continued results!

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