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We are sharing Patricia’s story today for Transformation Tuesday! Read about her progress below!




Carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and berries? This is heaven!


I would have never imagined myself celebrating over root vegetables.


So much has changed since I started living WildFit. Most important of all, I feel truly empowered around food. I haven’t felt this way since a young age and this was my deepest desire for joining this program. Yes, I still have cravings once in awhile, and 100% of the time, I can identify the origin of it. It has become so easy to listen to the dialogue and to my body. Sometimes it’s a physical need, but most of the time it is emotional.


I remember in the beginning wondering how I would meet the emotional needs that were asking for food. At first I was only noticing and honoring the fact that they were there, which in itself felt very loving. Then I began connecting more to whatever was around me: my kids’ joy, the food I was prepping, the sun, squirrels outside, how my body felt, etc. I also came here often to ‘listen’ to all of you in our shared journey.


Looking back, I see that in a subtle way and almost without realizing, I have placed myself in the center of my life. I now naturally fill my heart in the moment. I’ve been doing more things that I love too, like drawing, coloring and starting a new business (wow!)


I feel that without numbing our pain with food, I AM LIVING MORE. The pains I’ve avoided actually had a constant grip on me before, and with the psychological aspects of this program, I have found freedom. Is the pain still there? Yes. But I can fill my heart with thoughts and actions that ACTUALLY ease it. I’ve developed my own ‘medicine’ by living life without the fog created by food (which I only became aware of as they were removed).


Other progress I’ve had is my in my energy level and SLEEP. I am sleeping all night long. OMG, this is such a huge gift. I’ve been a light sleeper my whole life and now, I actually have restorative sleep. I dream too much though, but that’s minor compared to actually feeling well rested.


I’ve released 20lbs (this includes the 7lbs I had gained during those first two weeks). This ⅓ of all I need to release and it is more than I’ve released in the past 5 years.


My measurements have gone down. The last time I measured was 2 weeks ago and it was a total of 16.5 inches. I’ve come down 1 dress size and feel amazing and comfortable in my clothes even though there’s a long way to go until I’m in balance weight-wise.


So, the truth is that I FEEL AMAZING for the first time in years. I am comfortable in a body that feels more energized, relaxed, clean, and pain-free.


Mainly I have HOPE for continued progress. And I’ve embraced the fact that this lifestyle works for me and my body. If I have to be ‘that person’ at restaurants or never actually eat like everybody else, it’s okay. I have no doubt that this works for me. I have finally discovered what my body needs (I’ve been searching for so long) and am committed to prioritizing well-being over convenience.”




THANK YOU Patricia! We’re so happy with your progress and can’t wait to see your continued results!


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