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Transformation Tuesday – Mind Transformed

Below we have some words from Sasha, who went through our 90 Day Challenge. She explains how the challenge transformed her thoughts about food- read below to be inspired!


“Hello my Wild fellows. Just wanted to share this realization with you: To me the biggest revelation of our several weeks of Deep Spring has proven how little my body actually *needs to not only survive, but to live in an active way – being able to do my sports, think straight, to not have to take afternoon naps! Indeed a freedom! Freedom of the mind from the false beliefs of the past, the ones that were ingrained into my brain by society. If you think about it, the rest of the food is what we might *want*, but technically it’s been proven that we do not *require* them! We can go without caffeine, we can go without morning oatmeal, without having cake at someone’s birthday, without having popcorn in the cinema – and there comes a long list of such “withouts”!


To me, there is a very important moment where I could separate the “I need some fuel to feed my body and brain” feelings from the “Hey, my inner kid wants candy”,”I feel lonely, I want some sweets” kind of feelings. Being able to distinguish between these two types of feelings allows me to address how I feel about eating in a conscious way.


And that understanding is probably even more important than the by-product in form of weight loss. Which I know will inevitably come again at some point the further I progress in this program. I have already lost some weight in a slow and steady way, like 1 pound a week or so, then my progress plateaued, but I’m not stressed, my relationship with food has transformed forever.”



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