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Transformation Tuesday – No Longer Feeling Powerless

For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we have Annie’s results for you! Read through to see how she met her goals working through the challenge.

“I reached my goals… and they were not about losing weight! I don’t feel like a powerless woman struggling through menopause anymore, I feel like a bolder and wiser lady! Looking forward to feeling better, leveraging my health for the upcoming years and extending my life expectancy.

These were my results after 90 days of WildFit:

– Smoother skin

– Racoon eyes disappeared

– Hair loss stopped

– More energy, no more afternoon energy crash!

– Lost 11lbs and 18.5 inches

– No more mood swings

– No more insomnia

– No more hot flashes

– Cellulite is 80% gone

– Bones and joints crack less

– The usual muscular tensions seemed to fade away

– It seems I heat better. I’m hearing impaired and have tinnitus.

– Seasonal allergies almost gone, sinuses are almost cleared.

– I didn’t use any cortisone spray in 3 months”

Congratulations on all of your success with the program, Annie!

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