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Transformation Tuesday – No More Fighting With The Scale

For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we have Calvenn’s success story! Take a look at what he was able to accomplish through the program.


Since 2014, I have fought with my weight. I am 6’4 and I weighed 248lbs. I carried it well around my belly and thighs, so I was not ashamed of it, but it definitely was not fun to look at in the mirror. I was the guy that wore a shirt to the beach, saying to myself that I was concerned about getting sunburnt. Deep down, I knew I was really just hiding.


I attributed it to stress. I tried exercising and dieting, but the best I could do was only get around 220-230 and I still had the belly fat/muffin top. I had admitted defeat and blamed it on age. I chalked it up to that I was in my 40s and this was how it was going to be. Now I realize that while stress and age does influence certain aspects of health, the biggest factor comes down to the choices you make. The mental aspect is the biggest influence.


WildFit has been the process of reminding me of how I talk to myself into making the poor choices. Thank you Eric! How did I forget? I have worked with the best people, like Tony robbins, T Harv Ever and others, and I have trained on this as well. Wouldn’t it be great to work with Eric too? Mindset, choices… it is the only thing that matters when you want something.


I enjoyed the entire WildFit program – really liked the start and all of the freedoms, and really liked the finish and all of the results. It has been a stressful time in my life during the program but it was simple enough to follow and feel great about. I even contracted Strep Throat just before the week on fasting, so I took that week of nothing as my week of fasting. It was extremely painful, but I was grateful for the healing that my body went through.

We’re so proud of you, Calvenn!

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