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Transformation Tuesday – No More Hand or Feet Pain After Years of Medical Diagnosis

For this #TransformationTuesday we want to share Terry-Lynn’s inspiring journey through living Wildfit. Her physical transformation has been incredible – she’s released at least 10lbs and 30 inches, plus she’s absolutely glowing!

What’s truly enlightening about Terry-Lynn’s transformation is how living WildFit eliminated pain in her hands and feet. She describes how much pain she would be in just to stand up. It was so intense whenever she stood up that she would avoid sitting at all costs because the pain in her feet when she got back up was far too great.

And to think… after doctors, naturopaths and endless treatments, the solution was her FOOD. Wildfit was the answer she was always seeking.

As well, she keeps listing the ways her body has been healed : her hands are no longer swollen, she is no longer retaining water, she no longer has headaches, and she no longer struggles with energy levels as she tries to get through the day.

All we have to say is WOW. What an incredibly powerful #TransformationTuesday. Terry-Lynn has truly been healed and transformed. We are so proud of her and where her journey will lead her next!

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