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Transformation Tuesday- No More Headaches or Pains

Today, we are featuring Sue’s story for #TransformationTuesday. Sue’s journey reminds us that  although losing weight is one of the amazing outcomes of living WildFit, the true goal of WildFit is to create a healthy lifestyle for life.


Sue has released an impressive 22 pounds and 23 inches, but she’s so focused on talking about her health improvements that she almost forgets to share this with us! She shares about doing other diet programs in the past and always having to worry about what she could and couldn’t eat. WildFit gave her the clarity to know for sure what she should be eating, easing her mind and allowing her to fully enjoy food again.


Another thing we love about Sue’s journey is how her WildFit lifestyle has had a positive impact on her whole family. Despite her family not being on WildFit, the increased nutrition in their diet and awareness of sugars has also improved their health.


Way to go Sue! We’re so proud of your transformation!  



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