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Transformation Tuesday – Recovered Ex-Sugaraholic

For today’s #TransformationTuesday we’re celebrating Carlos’ WildFit transformation.This recovered ex-sugaraholic shares how everyone in his WildFit group hated him because he lost 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks of his journey.

Carlos’ story with WildFit began when after eating healthy for a while and dropping some pounds, his struggles with sciatica and back problems led him to gain weight again. After learning about WildFit, Carlos quickly jumped on board and almost immediately saw improvements to his health. Spring was more difficult for him as he didn’t see the rapid results he was seeing earlier. Carlos took this as a cue from his body to make a change and he added in some fruit.

The best part of the video is when Carlos tells the story of how he knew he had revolutionized his relationship with food. He talks about a ritual where after going to the dentist he used to always get a sugary treat. Unfortunately for Carlos, the same day he gave up refined sugar he had a dentist appointment. This is when Carlos understood the extent of his transformation because he didn’t need a sugary treat after his dentist appointment!

Carlos has released 20 pounds and a great inspiration to all of us as he reminds us that our bodies will all react differently – so it’s okay if you’re not seeing results as fast as others!

Way to go Carlos and congratulations on your transformation! View the video below to watch Carlos talk about his WildFit journey.

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