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Transformation Tuesday – Resilience

For this #TransformationTuesday, we’re sharing Amber’s story! She has had incredible success with the program and feels more aligned and at ease with her body. Amber’s story highlights a common hurdle facing those living WildFit but also the massive payoffs of sticking with the program!

The theme of Amber’s transformation is resilience and being able to cope with challenges. She begins her story by sharing her experience travelling to Atlanta and while trying to live WildFit. After making sure she had her blender and a hotel close to a grocery store, she was disappointed to find that all the salads she could find had sugar and cheese in them! She did her best in the circumstances and ate the salads she could find. This goes to show that sometimes despite your best efforts, challenges come and you need to be adaptable. We’re impressed that she didn’t let this get her down, she adapted, moved on, and still had great success living WildFit.

Another great thing about Amber’s transformation is that she did it with her family. Both her son and partner have also seen amazing transformations. Having a WildFit family makes living this lifestyle so much easier and motivates you to maintain it for life!

Way to go Amber! We are so impressed with your perseverance!

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