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Transformation Tuesday – Spring Changes

This week’s Transformation Tuesday showcases Andrea’s results! Take a read over what she experience going through the challenge, in her own words!


“I have had astounding results. I decided to end my challenge with a water fast. I had reached a plateau in my weight release 3 or 4 weeks ago. Most of my weight was released in the enhancement period. The water fast released an additional 6lbs. I should say right at the start that I am just over 5 feet tall, so this is significant for me.


I started at 156lbs, and am now at 134lbs. I actually never thought I would break back into the 130s in my lifetime. My goal right now is to break into the 120s, which I haven’t done since I was 26. As well, I have released 26 inches from my frame. I made 5 dresses a couple weeks ago, and now none of them fit!


What is most interesting to me, and I am unsure if anyone else has observed this – but I used to be that person who was always bitten by mosquitos. You could put a party of kids next to me, the mosquitos would choose me over them and I would be covered from head to toe.


I am a gardener and in Vancouver BC, we have summer water restrictions each year, so I am usually out at dusk watering my garden by hand (peak mosquito time!). Since entering Spring, I have not been bitten by a single mosquito. I see them, but they have no interest in biting me. I now go out in shorts and dresses without worrying about being bitten.


As well, I used to be allergic to all bug bites. I needed to take antihistamines after noticing a bug bite or risk ending in the doctor’s office requiring antibiotics or some cream to heal a giant welt. I was pleasantly surprised that when I was bitten by a spider a week ago, the bite healed on its own in 3 days.


I was also suffering from a chronic ear infection (worsened by the first two weeks of food experimentation). It was on my outer ear so I was treating it with tea tree oil to prevent spread but it didn’t go away. After I removed processed food from my diet, it healed on its own.


At the start of this program, I had already done the Virgin diet and knew that I was intolerant to gluten, soy, egg yolks and dairy. However, as Eric says, family tragedies/celebrations happen and you go out for a meal and there it is all sitting and waiting for you. If you enjoy those foods, there is very little to keep you from wanting to go back to it.”


Congratulations on all of your success, Andrea!

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