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Transformation Tuesday – The Don’t Line

For this #TransformationTuesday, we have Tanya’s story to share. She didn’t join the program looking to lose any weight, but rather to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Her story is a testament that your body undergoes dramatic changes while living WildFit.


Tanya learned the hard way that WildFit revamped the foods her body liked to eat. After sticking closely to the program, she strayed one morning and had a coffee and breakfast burrito, thinking that she wouldn’t notice a difference. Her body sent a strong message back and she was sick for two days! After giving her body such amazing nourishment, it seems as if her body isn’t interested in anything else!


So even though she still isn’t the biggest fan of the Alkagizer, she’s confident that this is the lifestyle for her for life! What an amazing transformation!


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