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Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities: A Success Story With Lara Lavery

WF - Before & After

We’ve got an incredible success story today which describes the challenges and rewards that many individuals go through while completing WILDFIT 90. Lara completed the WILDFIT 90 and not only released weight but also experienced many non-scale wins. The challenges she faced were completely worth the transformation she achieved in the end, and WILDFIT is something she would love to complete again! Read her story and see her transformation photos below:

“Dear Tribe,

Does WILDFIT work?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I’m exceptionally grateful I found this quest and thank you all for sharing as it helped me hugely along the way.

The weight loss was quiet good during the first six weeks of WILDFIT (5kg ish) and then plateaued.

I struggled to flip the switch with no weight loss in deep spring, which was quite a struggle and I had quite low energy levels (work & stress might be part of that – something to work on now)

Those darn keto sticks hardly changed colour, but all your posts helped me see I wasn’t the only one & to be fair my shape was changing!

My cramps & dizziness / lightheadedness were frequent, so I upped my Himalayan pink salt and took some calming magnesium baths to help.

Long walks with friends was my exercise.

Then when we were allowed some berries or sweet potato, my switch started to flip and combined with the water fast, it led to the next 4kgs of me losing weight.

The fast was tricky – I was never hungry, but my energy was low, and every morning when I got out of the shower, I had bad lightheadedness and my heart was racing. Listen to your body they always say; salt and a short lie down before work started helped, and on day two I switched to herbal tea to get me through.

The energy and deep sleep never came – I put it down to stress though – too much going on!

I will definitely do it again when my life is a bit calmer and I can exercise more self care, because my body deserves it.”

Here are a few more non-scale victories that Lara experienced:

  • My hair loss has slowed down
  • My skin is looking amazing
  • I’m very fond of green vegetables now
  • My body feels well-nourished
  • My clothes all fit & some from 5 yrs ago
  • My body is functioning very well
  • My shape has changed back to where I’m happy
  • I’m very grateful for all your shares
  • My husband did it with me – he has dropped 15kgs!

Love WILDFIT!” ~ Lara Lavery 

Congratulations Lara – and thank you for such a wonderful story! Check out Lara’s Before & After photos below:


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1 thought on “Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities: A Success Story With Lara Lavery”

  1. Norma Rudametkin

    Excellent job and sharing the truth of your story. I surely can see your body changes and it really shows. Keep going – we have a great program here and I’ve done them all. Love to hear what manifests in your 2nd 90-day.

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