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Treat Yourself: Easy Self-Love Strategies

You are an amazing person and you’ve accomplished incredible things. You deserve to celebrate your awesomeness! However, with how busy life is these days, sometimes we forget to take the time to give ourselves a little love. Self-love is important because it allows us to recharge, de-stress, and develop a healthy relationship with ourselves throughout our lives.


If you’re reading this, you already show a lot of self-love to yourselves by virtue of living WildFit. By living a healthy lifestyle, you are showing your body incredible self-love. That being said, pat yourself on the back and celebrate by showing yourself a little more self-love.


  1. Practice reciting self-love affirmations
    Affirmations are a great way to train your mind to think more positively. By repeating self-love affirmations, you actually rewire your brain to think more positively. By stimulating this positive thinking, affirmations can help with your confidence, decrease stress, and increase your feelings of happiness and well-being. Some examples of positive affirmations include “I am worthy of love”, “My life is a celebrations of my accomplishments”, “I am centered, peaceful, and grounded”, “Success is defined by my willingness to keep going”, or “I am authentic, true, and expressive”. Start with one of these, or you can create your own affirmation that brings the kind of positivity in your life that you desire. Repeat your affirmation in the mirror as you get ready in the morning and before you go to bed at night. You could also repeat them to yourself on your commute to give yourself a self-love boost before you start your day!


2.  Take some time for yourself
Life is busy. However, taking care of yourself is incredibly important and worth it. Take a half hour to read your favorite book, take a bath, or take a walk outside everyday. Make it part of your routine to take a bit of time to be selfish. One small act of ‘selfish time’ each day will help keep you stress-free, relaxed, and happier


3. Learn to practice mindfulness
Being more mindful is an easy thing you can do everyday to reduce stress and help with anxiety. To practice mindfulness, consciously make yourself more aware of moments in the day and act with meaningful intention. To be more mindful, do your best to ground yourself in the physical details of your surroundings but also in what you are feeling in the present moment. Do this to stay in the present moment. Don’t over-analyze your situation and accept challenges for what they are. Successfully being more mindful takes some practice, but the more you do it, the easier it will be and the benefits to you will be more obvious.


4.  Spend quality time with loved ones
Sometimes the best way to show ourselves a little love is to show the ones around us some love. Taking the time to do something special with people you love to spend time with will help you feel refreshed and relaxed in the wake of your busy schedule.


What are your favorite acts of self-love? How do you fit it into your schedule?

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