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True Food Freedom – A WILDFIT Success Story with Veronique de Leon

WILDFIT Success Story

WildFit has changed my life in the following ways…

This is a statement we hear from our clients ALL OF THE TIME. It’s never only one improvement, but a list of how their lifestyle has drastically changed, they no longer struggle with this food, and even “wow! I can’t believe I no long have symptoms of that”. Sometime’s even we get surprised!

Make sure to read Veronique’s WILDFIT success story and learn about her list of positive side effects from taking WildFit:

“WildFit has changed my life for good. I first came across WILDFIT through Mindvalley, who offered a free masterclass with Eric. After watching this masterclass I was sold and ready to take on the challenge to learn even more. I’m 30 years old and was already living a pretty healthy lifestyle but somehow, something felt a bit off to me since I was still suffering from candida overgrowth and still had some fat to lose.

After completing the 90 day challenge I finally know what it feels like to have true food freedom and my relationship with food has definitely improved. Even though I was exercising far less than I used to before the challenge I managed to lose a lot of body fat (and maintain my muscle mass) and I’m even more thrilled that the candida is finally gone.

Some other personal victories include:

– My quality of life has improved enormously, including my overall mood.
– I feel more comfortable and confident in my own body, I don’t have a scale but I definitely lost some weight and fat.
– My skin finally cleared up also because the little candida monsters have finally left the building.
– It’s amazing to wake up feeling rested (very often before my alarm goes off) and not having to press snooze
– It’s even more amazing to have steady energy throughout the day and to spend the day without a major brain fog
– Never thought I’d be able to go 3 days without solid food (as I really really really love to eat), definitely was a personal victory to do the 3 day fast.

I’m so thankful that I learned about WILDFIT and managed to complete the challenge, I highly recommend this to anyone! #wildfitworks”

Veronique de Leon

We’re so very proud of everything Veronique has accomplished during her time in the WILDFIT 90 day program and know she’ll continue to soar to new heights.

If you’re looking to improve or revolutionize aspects of your health, and gain food freedom, WILDFIT may be just what you’re looking for! Click here to find out how you can try the first 14 Days of the WILDFIT 90 day program. We promise you won’t regret it!

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