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Holding yourself accountable at the beginning of a new journey can be a challenge. One of the best ways to overcome that challenge is by building out accountability partners.

At WILDFIT, we pride ourselves on the inspiring and committed community we’ve built around our platform. That’s why we’ve decided to further focus on that community connection by including LIVE calls with Eric and the rest of your class in this upcoming challenge.

This is your chance to gain weekly insights and coaching from Eric himself, as he walks you through the transformative experience of WILDFIT.

Is there a better accountability partner than the program founder himself?

For the first time ever, members will be able to go behind the scenes and dive deeper into the concepts, tools, and tips directly from Eric as you sit down together once a week LIVE.

If you’re ready to add this exclusive bonus to your training as a way to leverage your overall WILDFIT experience, then click below to sign up.

Note: after clicking the green button below, a $22 registration fee will instantly be added to your order, making your total $49. If you do not wish to attend the live calls, that’s absolutely fine, no pressure. Just click the link below that says, “I don’t need the live calls, thanks”, and your order will be finalized with a total amount of $27
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