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You’re on your way to understanding why it’s so easy to give in to cravings and how you can learn to effortlessly overcome them.

Make Friends with Food, For Life!!

We’re so glad you’re giving us a try by experiencing the first 14 days of our WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge. Your mindset around food is about to make a BIG shift. If this is all you’re looking for, great!

If you’re looking for more, keep reading.

If the thought of making a full body transformation excites you, if you want a life where food finally becomes your friend and your body becomes lighter and energized because of it, here’s your chance to continue the WILDFIT journey once you’ve completed the Try WILDFIT program.

The Full WILDFIT Experience Starts Immediately After the Try WILDFIT program.

(Days 15-90)
  • 36 Training Videos Led by Founder Eric Edmeades (Includes 10 videos from 14 Day Reset)
  • Online Journal and Success Tracking Tools
  • Access to a private Facebook group with a Certified WILDFIT Coach
  • Weekly Facebook LIVE from a Certified WILDFIT Coach
  • Lifetime Access to the Complete WILDFIT Video Program
  • Living WILDFIT E-Book

Single Payment


Payment Plan

$200 x 3

Total: $600.00

How Does this Work?

It’s simple.

Once you’ve completed the Try WILDFIT (formerly known as 14 Day Reset), you’ll keep going for another 76 days and, you won’t do it alone. You’ll always have the support of your WILDFIT Certified Coach and your WILDFIT community.

Imagine a life where food is your best friend.

A life where you can stroll through the supermarket, confidently placing fresh, nourishing food in your cart without a single thought of going down the junk food aisle.

A life where you can gather with friends and family around the dinner table and eat without an ounce of guilt.

A life where you stop fighting with food and learn to dance with it.

A life where you feel: FREE

This is Living. This is WILDFIT.

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