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Vitality Vampires: Who They Are and How to Handle Them

As you go through your WildFit journey, there are going to be people in your life that 100% support all that you do and cheer you on as you lead a new life and enthusiastically celebrate your total transformation.


But it seems for every cheerleader you have, there’s someone else lurking about, trying to bring you down. Let’s call these people ‘Vitality Vampires’ because they try to suck out all the joy and pride you feel for committing to a healthy lifestyle.


It’s easy to ignore these people when they’re strangers, or people we don’t know well, but what happens when these Vitality Vampires are your coworkers, friends, or family members? Your spouse could even be a Vitality Vampire. These people are incredibly difficult to deal with. Overhauling your lifestyle is already a lot of work, so each time these Vitality Vampires sink their teeth in, it makes it that much harder to continue on with your journey.


Sometimes, a Vitality Vampire is obvious, it’s clear that they are trying to convince you to stray from your WildFit lifestyle and drain your motivation and energy. Other times, not so much. For example, sometimes a bite from a Vitality Vampire looks like a compliment as you turn down a sugary dessert or make a healthy choice at a restaurant, “You don’t need to lose any weight, you’re amazing the way you are!”. While these comments are flattering, they are still made with the intention of  putting down your choice to live WildFit. The bite might not sting as much, but comments such as these still make it harder to stay motivated and keep the commitment you made with yourself to see this journey through.


So how do you bring one of these Vitality Vampires to the light and turn them into an another cheerleader or even just a neutral bystander?


You have to kill them with kindness and positivity. Know that at the root of their negativity towards your journey is jealousy. Your Vitality Vampire probably wants to make a change in their life too, they just don’t know how to do it.


Then you come in, skin glowing with an Alkagizer in your hand, and it’s hard for them to see. They see your success and their jealousy grows. As they transform into a Vitality Vampire, they see you and do the only thing they know how to- bite down hard on your confidence and pride about your Wildfit journey.


For this reason, the best thing to do is to help inspire them to start their own journey. Don’t feed into the negativity by criticizing their lifestyle choices about their health, rather, try to encourage them to make a healthier choice. Remember that people won’t change until they’re ready. With that in mind, be gentle with these Vitality Vampires, if you push too hard they might retaliate harder and sharpen their teeth for a bigger bite. It is only when the Vitality Vampire genuinely embraces your journey that they will see the light and come out of the darkness.


Do you have any Vitality Vampire success stories? Share them with us!

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