Reset your body. Reset your LIFE.
Eat the way nature intended.


If you’ve had an awful day, what should you do?  Eat!

If you’ve had a fantastic day, what should you do?  Eat!

If you’re bored, what should you do?  Eat!

Decades of food marketing have taught us to view food as the go-to solution in every life situation. There are two major problems here:

This way of thinking puts humans inside a food prison; it gives food the power to define and control our emotional and physical lives.

Almost all food marketing messages point toward highly processed foods that are making people sick, overweight and nutritionally deprived.

Doesn’t reading that make you both angry and incredibly sad at the same time? If you’re fed up with this dysfunctional approach to feeding ourselves, you’re in the right place.


If you’ve tried everything but still haven’t been able to release excess weight, you’re in the right place.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling powerless around certain foods and want to genuinely enjoy healthier foods (but aren’t sure that’s even possible!), you’re in the right place.

If you have goals and dreams that would be so much easier to achieve if you had more energy, better sleep, and improved focus, you’re in the right place.

“The WildFit program CHANGED MY LIFE.”
Knowing what we should eat to be healthy is one thing being able to put it into daily practice is another.”

April Antonia

What is WildFit 90 Video Program?

Unlike our group and 1-on-1 programs, the WildFit 90 Video Program is an intimate transformative health journey that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.

This video-only version of WildFit 90 is perfect for motivated types who prefer a more private and self-reflective learning experience. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

What is WildFit 90 Video Program?

Unlike our group and 1-on-1 programs, the WildFit 90 Video Program is an intimate transformative health journey that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.

This video-only version of WildFit 90 is perfect for motivated types who prefer a more private and self-reflective learning experience. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Over the next 90 days, you’ll learn:

  • How to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you, and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.

  • How to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly
    (because your body doesn’t actually want an entire pint of ice cream!)

  • How to eat in alignment with the 4 natural food seasons for humans

  • Exactly which foods tell the body to go into Spring (the fat-burning season)

  • Proven mindset & behavioral techniques to make sure that you NEVER feel powerless to food again

  • How to access your intuition (instead of willpower) to guide your food choices, and much more.

How does the WildFit 90 Video Program work?


Weekly videos. Weekly clarity.

Every week, our founder, Eric Edmeades, will guide you through the food mindset and lifestyle changes that are at the heart of the WildFit methodology.

Eric’s presentation style is conversational and down-to-earth, so you don’t need to worry about any complicated science terms. Each video training is straightforward and easy to understand right away.

Online tools for self-accountability.

In addition to the weekly videos, you’ll also receive daily check-in forms, access to your very own private online journal, and success tracking tools to support your process.


The Living WildFit e-book

Towards the end of your 90-day experience, you’ll receive the Living WildFit E-book. This e-book is a roadmap for translating your WildFit -experience into a sustainable, life-long lifestyle. No more diet hamster wheeling for you

"WildFit is the best personal development investment I’ve made to date. In short, it delivers and then some.”

Pam Damonte

7 Things You Should Know About WildFit:


This is NOT a temporary detox or short-term cleanse.

WildFit is a lifestyle, and WildFit 90 is about spending a dedicated period of time easing your body into this new way of living and eating


You’ll never be hungry. You know those programs that try to teach how to endure deprivation? This is not one of those. You’ll be satisfied every single day.


Our exercise requirements=ZERO. We would never (never!) encourage anyone to not exercise. However, most people think that exercise is the greatest key to changing their body, but it actually isn't. It's almsot always about the food you're eating. That's why WildFit focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset.


No more "I'll do it someday" WildFit 90 has been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). This program is designed to create change in your life NOW.


We won’t sugarcoat it: This won’t always be easy. Some changes will feel effortless and others will really challenge you. This is why the community and coaching support are so invaluable. You’ll be supported every step.


There are no special foods to purchase. WildFit 90 does not ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket.


This is so much more than a nutrition program. WildFit 90 is also a major personal development journey. You'll walk away with greater clarity about yourself, why you've made the choices you have, and how to create sustainable change in your life (inside and outside the kitchen). 


Here's a snapshot of WildFit 90

Anyone can create short-term changes in their eating habits. That’s not what WildFit 90 does. This is a system for sustainable health and lifestyle transformation. Here’s an overview of what the 13-week process looks like:

Week 1: Foundations & Emotional Eating

We begin at the beginning: shifting your food mindset and eating behaviors. Week 1 teaches you why you crave certain foods and hate others. If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll get huge insights here.

Week 2 - 3: Sugar Transition - Part 1

These two weeks are about releasing your dependency on processed sugars. If you’ve been helpless to your sweet tooth, Weeks 2 and 3 will have those cravings fading fast.

Week 4 - 5: Learning to LOVE The Good Stuff

During these two weeks, you’ll train your body to love eating only whole, unprocessed foods. WildFit is not about shocking your system, which is why every enhancement is gently layered on top of the other. This means you’ll be prepared and ready for each change. This is also when most participants notice that their mood and energy are so significantly improved that they don’t need to rely on caffeine or alcohol like they once did.

Week 6 - 10: Spring

Based on the WildFit philosophy of seasons, Spring is when most participants notice their body weight stabilizing. Whether your goal is to gain, release, or maintain your weight, these weeks will guide you to your natural equilibrium.

Week 11: Ease Out of Spring

The WildFit methodology is so revolutionary partly because it doesn’t ask you to limit your body to only one way of eating. Our bodies want ebb and flow. This week, you’ll ease out of Deep Spring before...

Week 12: Back into Spring

This week, you’ll transition back into Deep Spring, where your body will be prompted to cleanse and repeat the weight-stabilizing process again.

Week 13: Living WildFit

This week, you’ll take the reins 100%. You’ll decide which season you want to move forward with, and how to continue making food decisions that are empowering and never restrictive.

A word from our founder!

Press play for some extra insight into WildFit 90, from our founder, Eric Edmeades.

Start your WildFit 90 journey right now!

Let your journey to true health begin!

September 17th, 2018

$597 USD

✓ 36 training videos lead by Eric
✓ Support through the WildFit Forums
✓ Living WildFit e-book
✓ Daily check-in forms
✓ Online journal and success tracking tools
✓ Lifetime access to the complete WildFit Video Program

It’s no accident that over 90% of WildFit 90 participants successfully complete this 90-day program. WildFit 90 has been meticulously created and upd ated over 10 years of working with thousands of clients.

We firmly believe that WildFit 90 will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

So when do I start exactly?

Your 90-day program will start on a Monday - any Monday you like. When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to choose your specific Monday start date.

How does the payment plan work?

When you sign up for a payment plan option, you’ll be charged the relevant amount today. 30 days from today, that same payment method will be charged for the second payment of an equal amount, and the third payment will be charged to your original payment method a further 30 days after that.

What is your refund policy?

We believe so firmly in WildFit 90 that we’re proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you complete at least 80% of the program and decide that you’re not pleased with your experience, we’ll gladly offer you a full refund.

What if I’m already eating according to the Paleo Diet? Or Keto?

There are many similarities between WildFit and the Paleo Diet and the Keto Diet. However, what distinguishes WildFit is the enormous emphasis we place on mindset and behavioral change. Instead of just telling you what to eat, we give you the tools to rewire your thoughts (and therefore, your actions) around food, alcohol, caffeine, and much more.

Will this work for vegetarians and vegans?

Everyone is welcome! You do not need to consume animal products to be successful with WildFit.

Live longer. Live better. Live FREE.

90 days from now, you’ll be in total control of your food choices.

You’ll watch as your shape, skin, muscle tone, and energy undergoes

a comprehensive and lasting transformation.

Your body, your longevity, your family, your whole life will thank you.