Food freedom is the incredible feeling of knowing that you are no longer a prisoner to negative thoughts and emotions around food.  

Food freedom is becoming empowered to effortlessly make the choices that help you feel happy, energized and confident

Food freedom is knowing without a doubt that you are worth it and deserve to live an amazing, vibrant life.


WildFit has helped thousands of people around the world achieve food freedom with our revolutionary 90 day program.


If you've been struggling to drop pounds and feel like yourself again.

If you've tried everything and can't seem to win the battle of food addiction.

If you're tired of feeling sick and exhausted with little energy to do the things you love, then WildFit might be just what you're looking for. 


WildFit isn't just another diet program.

Backed by science and powerful food psychology, WildFit was designed to transform your relationship to food. 


If you're ready to learn the tools you need to transform your relationship to food, forever.

If you're excited about  joining a group of supportive people who will cheer you on every step of the way.

If you're ready (really ready) to start living the life you know you were meant to live, then we invite you to join WildFit. 


What is the WildFit 90 Challenge?

The WildFit 90 Challenge is the 90-day program that will teach you how to permanently change the way you eat. You’re going to learn how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you.


The WildFit Way

WildFit is a Paleo-inspired food methodology that draws wisdom from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology.

Developed through the extensive study of human evolution and modern hunter-gatherer communities, one of WildFit’s most central principles is that “every living thing has a diet” and that when we consistently eat our correct human diet, we experience greater health and longevity.

What Makes WildFit Different?


Years of food marketing campaigns have convinced us that we “deserve” highly processed snack foods and meals full of the unhealthy fats, sugars and salts that ultimately create endless cycles of hunger and intense food cravings.




And there is NO exercise component. This program is about nutritional balance and optimizing your diet, energy levels and sleep, so that when you’re ready, you’ll actually enjoy exercise, instead of dreading it.

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Paul Scheele

“WildFit was easy. At first I thought it was too easy and couldn’t really see any changes. But then, when I looked at this photo, taken just before the program, I got a shock. The picture tells the whole story.” 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.26.48 PM

Sabine Rosen

"I’ve tried various diets and programs, but WildFit was the one that really turned things around. Today, I am more flexible than I have been in years. I feel much younger, and it’s been easy to keep the process going after the program. I will never go back to the way things were.” 

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April Antonia

“My family completed the program together - we lost a combined 76lbs and 100 inches over the 90 days. WildFit is more than a diet - it gave us the tools to easily make the lifestyle changes that have lead to increased joy and energy. WildFit has literally changed my life.”

The WildFit 90 Challenge includes:

  • Access to the WildFit video program. Through over a dozen videos, our founder, Eric Edmeades, will walk you through the food psychology and lifestyle changes at the core of the WildFit philosophy.
  • Live video coaching sessions with a Certified WildFit Coach. Guest appearances by WildFit Founder Eric Edmeades.
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  • Private Facebook group. Committing (and sticking) to any diet and lifestyle change is that much easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Your private group will help you stay on track and will also be a rich resource for recipes, encouragement and support.
  • Recordings of all live video coaching sessions. These recordings will come in handy if you have to miss any of the live coaching sessions. You’ll be able to re-watch them as many times as you like during your 6-month access period.
  • Living WildFit e-book. This e-book will help you integrate everything you learn through the WildFit 90 Challenge so that after the 90-day program is complete, you’ll have a clear road map to help you keep living the WildFit way.

Call Schedule for January 29th Challenge

All calls will be 4:30-5:30pm New York Time [EST] (except where stated otherwise)

Weeks 1 - 6

Week 1

Monday, January 29

Wednesday, January 31

Friday, February 2nd


Week 2

Monday, February 5th

Wednesday, Februrary 7th

Friday, Februrary 9th


Week 3

Monday, February 12th

Week 4

Monday, February 19th

Week 5

Monday, February 26th

Week 6

Monday, March 5th


Weeks 7 - 13

Week 7

Monday, March 12th

Week 8

Monday, March 19th 

Week 9

Monday, March 26th

Week 10

Tuesday, April 3rd

Week 11

Monday, April 9th

Week 12

Monday, April 16th

Week 13

Monday, April 23rd

Friday, April 27th

Call days and times subject to change.

Lead Coach: TBD
Co-Coach: TBD

Are You Ready to Join the WildFit 90 Challenge?

The Challenge Starts on January 29th, 2018.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your wellbeing, choose your option below to get started.

WildFit 90 Challenge

Single Payment

$1497 USD

  • Live Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Access to the WildFit Video Program
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Recordings of All Live Video Coaching
  • Living WildFit E-Book

WildFit 90 Challenge

Payment Plan

3 Payments of $530 USD

  • Live Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Access to the WildFit Video Program
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Recordings of All Live Video Coaching
  • Living WildFit E-Book

The WildFit Guarantee:

It’s no accident that the WildFit client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients.


We firmly believe that the WildFit 90 Challenge will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.


6 Things That Make The WildFit 90 Challenge Unique:


Asset 3

Everyone starts on the Same Day.

The WildFit 90 Challenge is not another weight loss program to add to your list of “I’ll do it someday.” It’s been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). The momentum of starting at the same time as other people will keep you inspired and moving toward the body transformation you’ve been wanting for years.

Solid Health Principles

WildFit is a Paleo-influenced health methodology that draws from evolutionary history and modern hunter-gatherer communities. A key principle of WildFit is that “every living thing has a diet.” Through this program, you’ll learn how to eat ONLY the exact diet meant for humans, backed by years of study and research.

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Powerful Behavioral Psychology

WildFit isn’t just about food. This program is based on powerful behavioural psychology techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and permanently.


No Starvation And No Exercise

The WildFit 90 Challenge is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry. There is also no exercise requirement. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track so that, when you’re ready, you will actually enjoy (and no longer dread) exercising.


Asset 1
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No Special Foods To Purchase

The WildFit 90 Challenge is unlike other fitness programs that ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket. This is about rediscovering yourself, food and your relationship with food.


Work With The Six Human Hungers

Most people eat either far more or far less than they need, and often they do both. In this program, you’ll work with the Six Core Human Hungers to help you translate the messages from your brain into food choices that support your health and longevity.


Asset 6

Eli Sæterhaug Løvaas

“I feel 10 years younger. This program taught me so much about myself, food and my relationship with food. And it was not difficult at all - I did very little exercise through the program. I could not be more thrilled with my results!”


Amber Scotchburn

I’ve also counted calories for as long as I can remember and flirted with anorexic tendencies since adolescence; hence, the option to starve myself is more of a reality than choosing a lesser healthy option. Thanks to WildFit, I now understand how to eat, that food can be amazingly delicious, and that I never have to count calories again!


Iwona Woroniecka

I released 8 kg and lots of inches;  I don't bloat anymore (that was the main reason I joined the program). I have tonnes of energy. I'm more alert and can focus better. My sleep has improved tremendously. I am much calmer and patient. Overall, I found answers to all my questions regarding food and nutrition. This is the lifestyle I want to live.


Beth Morando

"My skin is much healthier, brighter and yep, tighter! Inches fell off so fast that I was tripping over them. I even walked away from caffeine earlier than we were asked to do so – my tastebuds evolved so quickly that it just did not taste good anymore. Plus, I had more energy than I knew what to do with. Who needs coffee?"

The WildFit 90 Challenge:

90 Days to a New YOU.


The next 90 days could radically transform your vitality, fitness and energy levels, weight, sleep quality, confidence and most importantly, pave the way for many more years of healthful living.


With the personal support of the WildFit Founder, Eric Edmeades, you will learn how to eat the diet intended for us human beings and watch as your body, skin, muscle tone, and energy undergoes a comprehensive and lasting transformation.

Are You Ready to Join the WildFit 90 Challenge?