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Why Diets Don’t Work
Failed at every diet?
10 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault
(and 10 ways to succeed!)

People Don’t Fail Diets. Diets Fail People.

You start out with good intentions.

You decide “enough is enough” and make the commitment to start a new diet.

Everything seems to be going great in the beginning and you start feeling hopeful.

But then, something shifts.

You start a destructive inner battle with yourself and struggle to “stick with it”.

You finally give up. Discouraged, ashamed and hopeless.

It’s not your fault.

The truth is, diets just don’t work. 

They set you up to start off strong, then let you down as quickly as they lifted you up.

When you begin to understand why diets fail people, you’ll never fall into their trap again.

It’s time for a new approach, one that actually works.

You deserve to have it all.

You want to feel happy and confident in your clothes and with your own body.

You want the energy to achieve your goals, keep up with your kids and take up a new hobby.

You want a healthy relationship with food so that you can make better choices about what you put on your plate.

Sounds like a great way to live, doesn’t it?

Join Eric and Ariel on the Masterclass Replay.

Discover 10 reasons why your attempts to get healthy weren’t successful and how you CAN achieve all of your weight, energy and wellness goals. 

Note: the Live Masterclass has concluded, but the video replay is available after registration.

Your Masterclass Hosts

Eric Edmeades

Eric is one of the true pioneers of the food revolution. As the founder of WILDFIT, Eric is passionate about helping people achieve outstanding health by empowering them to reclaim their relationship with food. In 1991 Eric experienced a dramatic health recovery which inspired years of research into the fields of human health, evolutionary biology and human history. Today, Eric is extremely passionate about helping people achieve vibrant health and inspiring people to take responsibility for their own self-care.

Ariel Richards

Along with being a WILDFIT Master Coach, Ariel Richards is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Energy Worker. She’s passionate about nutrition, its impact on happiness, and the effect it has on the mind. With a specific focus on conquering chronic illness and living with mindfulness, her life experience will inspire you. She’s all about natural food and lifestyle solutions for real people living everyday lives.

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