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WildFit Team

WildFit Team

Soup is good! WildFit approved soups are simply irresistible, and easily made! We have observed that many people’s repertoire of soups can be summed up with two words: tomato soup. Well, did you know that a serving (305ml) of name brand tomato soup contains 25 grams of sugar?! In fact, at WildFit, we all know that that is absurd. Instead of eating sugar filled soup, we suggest some of the soups that are listed below. Please enjoy the list of WildFit approved soups!

Sweet and Sour Soup

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/sweet-sour-soup/

We love the complexity of the flavors in this soup. It includes all the spice and herbs you could ever ask for in  a single bowl. It’s full of antioxidants and perfect for when you need an immune boost. Make it for lunch or dinner, you’ll be happy you did.

Sprouted lentil soup

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/sprouted-lentil-stew/

This slightly sweet, savoury stew is the ideal post workout meal to help build and re-fuel your muscles as the carbs in the squash stimulate your muscles to absorb amino acids from protein in the lentils by increasing the hormone insulin in the body.

Fish Soup

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/caribbean-fish-soup/

One of my personal favourites is this recipe I picked up in the Dominican Republic. It reminds me of warm beaches, even now when I am watching the rust and copper coloured leaves falling to the ground. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, cheers to you- enjoy the summer sun and this tropical recipe too!

Chicken Avocado Soup

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/quinoa-chicken-avocado-soup/

Don’t let the title fool you, this amazing soup also has quinoa… as if avocado and chicken where not enough! This soup has all your major food groups: fats, protein and carbs. Could you ask for more? Try it for lunch or dinner!

Nettle Soup

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/nourishing-nettle-soup/

Yes, you did read that right. This is a soup made from stinging nettles! These prickly plants have been shown to help reduce inflammation, reduce histamine production, acts as a diuretic, may reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, detoxify and speed healing overall. Overall, this is a warm, comforting and nourishing soup (if you do not have nettles in season and swap the leaves for another leafy green).

Caldo Verde

For the full recipe visit https://getwildfit.com/caldo-verde/

This soup, drawing on the simplicity and flavors of Portugese cooking, provides all that plus a bright punch of color and flavor. Quickly prepared on the stovetop, slow cooker or instant pot, this is sure to make its way into your Spring rotation.

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