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Join the next WILDFIT Worldwide Challenge and learn how to completely transform your relationship with food, increase your vitality and make significant improvements to your overall health and wellness.

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“WILDFIT is the most grounded lifestyle program I’ve found.”

“Best program for making life improving changes.”
“Everyone and anyone could benefit from WILDFIT.”


Ditch the diets.

“Diet” does not mean a temporary alteration to the way you live your life in order to hit a number on a scale, or fit into a particular size. “Diet” means way of life. That’s why WILDFIT rejects “quick fix” diet industry tricks, and instead focuses deeply on real nutrition and helping you create habits that will support your lifestyle not just for 90 days, but for the rest of your life.


It’s all about freedom.

WILDFIT really is about freedom. If you’ve spent years going on and off various eating plans, you know that feeling powerless over your eating habits is exhausting. WILDFIT will help you discover a new mindset towards your health, awareness of what works best for you, and a unique methodology to keep you feeling your absolute best.


A like-minded community.

The WILDFIT Community is truly like no other. You will connect with like-minded individuals, learn from their transformative experiences and receive amazing support throughout your WILDFIT journey.

WILDFIT makes food fun.

Food industry marketing has deeply influenced what we choose to eat, which is why so many people are sick, overweight, and nutritionally deprived. WILDFIT will help you get back to the basics, helping you make food choices that are delicious and satisfying, while supporting your health goals. No boring “diet” food, no powders or bars – real, nutritious food that you will fall in love with!

Behavior CHange

Making lasting change.

WILDFIT was designed to completely transform your relationship with food, and there’s a reason why we have had thousands of success stories from across the globe. This isn’t something you go “on” or “off”. The principles of WILDFIT will continue to serve you long after the challenge, because the way you think about what you eat will be completely different than it is now. That’s why diets don’t work – this is a lifestyle change.


Humans have been eating since the beginning of time. But not like we do now.

There is an ideal diet for human beings, but the majority of what we consume today has been heavily influenced by the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the diet industry. WILDFIT is about eating the way Mother Nature intended, getting the nutritional elements in that nourish and energize our bodies. 


It’s not just about the scale.

Many participants do release significant amounts of weight (and have also released prescription medications, insomnia, fatigue and so many other symptoms) but what is really the most transformative is what you’ll gain. You’ll gain so much clarity and vitality, knowledge around your body and health while boosting your self-confidence. WILDFIT works for anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier, more vibrant life.


Read the success stories from some of the 100,000's+ people who are now living free because of WILDFIT.

What exactly is WILDFIT?



Start on your 90 day journey to food freedom

When you join WILDFIT, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive program video library where our Founder, Eric Edmeades, will walk you through the food, mindset and lifestyle changes at the core of the WILDFIT philosophy. No confusing science, no hard-to-follow ideas, but step-by-step information that will guide you to create real transformation in your life and achieve your wellness goals.

Watch anywhere.

You don’t have to have everything set up just perfectly in order to start! Each WILDFIT video training is straightforward and easy to watch, and gaining access to your online journal and success tools will help you celebrate your progress while staying on track. With daily inspiration tips and a weekly question database and not to mention The Worldwide Challenge community, you’ll never feel lost or have a question go unanswered.

What have you got to lose?

If you can get your relationship with food right, you give yourself the best possible chance at health. It’s that simple. So, what do you have to lose?

Money back guarantee:

This program has been continuously optimized and updated to be even more effective, which is why thousands of clients praise WILDFIT for their health transformations. We genuinely believe that the WILDFIT 90 Challenge will help you reach your health goals, and make huge improvements in areas you may not have even considered. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

Live the Life of Freedom Your Deserve


(Program begins on Monday, April 8th, 2024)
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