Transformation Tuesday – Living WildFit

So for this #TransformationTuesday, we have a different transformation to share!   We are in LOVE with Lori’s transformation because she highlights the different ways living WildFit transforms your mind AND body. Lori began her journey thinking that she needed to lose a bit of weight. She’s exercised her whole life but was having trouble …

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Transformation Tuesday – Being Liberated

This week, Sara shares her life-changing WildFit journey for #TransformationTuesday. Sara has had incredible success with the program, releasing over 14 pounds and 30 inches. But more than these physical changes is her inner transformation. She glows as she exclaims that she feels liberated from her cravings. She in now in control of her body …

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Transformation Tuesday – Resilience

For this #TransformationTuesday, we’re sharing Amber’s story! She has had incredible success with the program and feels more aligned and at ease with her body. Amber’s story highlights a common hurdle facing those living WildFit but also the massive payoffs of sticking with the program! The theme of Amber’s transformation is resilience and being able …

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Transformation Tuesday – Recovered Ex-Sugaraholic

  For today’s #TransformationTuesday we’re celebrating Carlos’ WildFit transformation.This recovered ex-sugaraholic shares how everyone in his WildFit group hated him because he lost 15 pounds in the first 6 weeks of his journey.   Carlos’ story with WildFit began when after eating healthy for a while and dropping some pounds, his struggles with sciatica and …

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Cut the Sugar. Why You Should Embrace Cutting Refined Sugar Out of Your Diet and Why It’s Not Good for the Human Body.

Around the globe, people consume more than 154 million tons of sugar per year. That means that the average person eats nearly 45 pounds of sugar every year, although consumption among Americans is several times that large. Although many people know that eating too much sugar is not the healthiest choice, it can be hard …

Cut the Sugar. Why You Should Embrace Cutting Refined Sugar Out of Your Diet and Why It’s Not Good for the Human Body.Read More »

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